07 May 2011

Valiant Hyacinth

copyright (c) 2011, Sharon Edmunds
Valiant Hyacinth, Acrylic on Canvas Panel, 20" x 16"

Springtime, this year, has been unpredictable, at best. Spring. WINTER. Maybe Spring? No, Winter, still. Ah! Finally Spring!

A couple of weeks ago, I was fascinated watching a very brave hyacinth decide it had waited long enough. It sent up lovely green leaves in record time. It's stem strengthening to hold the flower buds. Then, it started to bloom. It was very brave. But winter's last stand was just too much for this valiant hyacinth.

(Unframed, + S&H)


  1. There's many smiles as winter goes, but none when told of the hyacinth's woes!

  2. Hi Bob! Perfect! A sweet 'ode' for the Valiant Hyacinth. Thank you!

  3. Beautiful Sharon...

    If thou of fortune be bereft,
    And in thy store there be but left,
    Two loaves, sell one, and with the dole,
    Buy Hyacinths to feed thy soul
    ~Muslih-uddin Sadi

    You've just reminded me I left something out of my post.. hahah.. more tears... Thanks for such a beautiful comment.. it's wonderful to think ppl get my meaning.. Have a lovely day.. Mother's Day and Sunday.. ciao xxx Julie

  4. Hello Julie, you just did it AGAIN! Those lines you just posted above were my mom's favorite. Spoken like a prayer. So yeah, more tears...very sweet tears. Thank you.

  5. Lovely art Sharon,I have several flowers that look just like that in my garden !
    Hugs, Amy

  6. Beautiful painting, Sharon! Lovely reminder of a spring time, which is very short here in Texas (sometimes it is measured in hours or even minutes).

  7. Amy! I'm smiling at your comment. I guess spring is finally arriving for you too! You've had such a long wait this year.

  8. Hello Elena and Russ, Thank you! I am really surprised to hear what you've said about springtime in Texas. I assumed that it would be a place that Spring would thoroughly enjoy.

  9. A true New England portrait of spring! It is getting better Sharon--we were in MA yesterday and there were real leaves on the tress. We're still just budded up here.

  10. Hi Sharon - I hope you don't object, but I have made an image-link icon for your blog. See if you can find it HERE!

    Hope you like it!

  11. Hello Bob, No objections - in fact these images links are very cool! Hope you've seen my comment. Thank you very, very much. So sweet.

  12. Hi Stephanie! Thanks. Oh yeah, Springtime in New England! We had no leaves on trees here until this past Thursday. Then in two days, the leaves went crazy and all the fruit trees blossomed. Today, there are high wind warnings up and there's a bitter cold, pouring rain. But Saturday & Sunday were beautiful. New England - where Springtime is a state of mind!!!