13 May 2011

Spring's Sad Tale

copyright (c) 2011, Sharon Edmunds
Spring's Sad Tale, Photo Image

Still waiting for this most elusive season to arrive.


  1. Maybe Spring, in the north, is creeping up slowly, like the punch line of a poor joke.
    I was reading another friend's blog, yesterday, and her garden in Kentucky is full of blooms.
    I hope these flowers brighten your day, Sharon!

  2. Hi Sharon.. it looks so peaceful.. just what I need...

    Well our last spring was very wet and very late.. and then summer was a doozy and lingered long.. so perhaps the seasons are just shifting somewhat..

    thanks so much for you birthday wishes and always kind comments my way.. I have to agree I'd love to visit morocco also!! really.. right now.. anyway.. hahaha.. as long as their spring has arrived..

    Have a lovely day.. ciao xxx Julie

  3. Beautiful photo Sharon.
    Spring has stopped by ever so briefly here. Gone for several days,back for one. A disappoint since it's my favorite time of year.I always tell people in my next life I'll be taller,thin and live in a warmer climate !
    Hugs, Amy

  4. Quiet and peaceful anticipation, you captured this mood in you photo, Sharon.
    This is how one should get ready to embrace the beauty of Spring.

  5. Me too!! Although at the moment the sun is shining! Wish it would last. Thanks for your super nice comment on my veggies. Are you painting much?

  6. Thank you, Bob, Julie, Amy, Elena & Russ, and Stephanie for the comments you left here before Blogger had 'issues'. This post went missing for awhile, then returned with a new post date, minus your comments. My guess is that we've all been experiencing Bloggers recent magic act.

    Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

  7. Oliver, Thank you. And hello, Friend!

  8. oh.. you've been bloggered also!! haha Perhaps you could rename to 'Bloggers Sad Tale'

    Have a lovely weekend. ciao xxx Julie

  9. Hi Julie, Yeah, me too. And I'm smiling. Sometime after you posted this - the comments all reappeared. The wonders of Blogger.

    Hoping you have a fine weekend too.

  10. Hi Mich! Interesting comment?!?!?