29 May 2011

Noureev Dans Son Ballet

copyright (c) 2009, Sharon Edmunds
Noureev Dans Son Ballet, Acrylic on Arches, 30" x 22"

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Thanks to the audacity of Nureyev, the brilliance of Toulouse-Lautrec, and to Paris, always.

Nureyev made one of the most amazing leaps of his lifetime in Paris. For those wondering about the spelling in this title, Nureyev chose, most of his time in the West, to use the French spelling of his name: Noureev. It works beautifully in this piece.

Also, Thank You to Julie at BeingRuby for reminding me of this painting!

21 May 2011

Somewhere, South of Someplace

copyright (c) 2011, Sharon Edmunds
Somewhere, South of Someplace, Acrylic on Canvas, 14" x 11


13 May 2011

Spring's Sad Tale

copyright (c) 2011, Sharon Edmunds
Spring's Sad Tale, Photo Image

Still waiting for this most elusive season to arrive.

07 May 2011

Valiant Hyacinth

copyright (c) 2011, Sharon Edmunds
Valiant Hyacinth, Acrylic on Canvas Panel, 20" x 16"

Springtime, this year, has been unpredictable, at best. Spring. WINTER. Maybe Spring? No, Winter, still. Ah! Finally Spring!

A couple of weeks ago, I was fascinated watching a very brave hyacinth decide it had waited long enough. It sent up lovely green leaves in record time. It's stem strengthening to hold the flower buds. Then, it started to bloom. It was very brave. But winter's last stand was just too much for this valiant hyacinth.

(Unframed, + S&H)