29 May 2011

Noureev Dans Son Ballet

copyright (c) 2009, Sharon Edmunds
Noureev Dans Son Ballet, Acrylic on Arches, 30" x 22"

Back to 'Nureyev's World'.

Thanks to the audacity of Nureyev, the brilliance of Toulouse-Lautrec, and to Paris, always.

Nureyev made one of the most amazing leaps of his lifetime in Paris. For those wondering about the spelling in this title, Nureyev chose, most of his time in the West, to use the French spelling of his name: Noureev. It works beautifully in this piece.

Also, Thank You to Julie at BeingRuby for reminding me of this painting!


  1. Hi Dear Sharon
    How clever you are.. and a clever play on Lautrec's Ambassadeurs. You should link up with Anita's Paris Party...

    Thanks for the mention.. glad to be of assistance.. hehe.. and sorry I'm so late to visit.. between blogger and my internet issues I took a few days away from the computer..

    Have a great week [or almost weekend].. and thanks for your lovely comments my way.. ciao xxx Julie

  2. Hello Julie! Nureyev actually wore that costume for a role in a ballet. There was no way that I could see that and not immediately think of Lautrec's 'Ambassadeurs'. Your 'Paris' post from last week reminded me of this piece. So, thank you!

    What a wonderful idea - taking a few days away from the computer. Think I'll try it!

    Hope you have a great weekend, too! I'll be stopping by to see where you're heading this week.

  3. Sharon--again a really strong face. I like how you did the lettering and the graphic quality to this. I bet these paintings look great together.

  4. Hello Stephanie! Thank you. I really loved working on this. This piece is an homage to Nureyev, but also to Lautrec and Paris. It was delightful to work in this style. I have always adored Lautrec's images and graphic sensibilities. It is something to see all of the paintings from 'Nureyev's World' together...and still no end in sight!

  5. I like your style throughout your work. Your design is so strong. Bravo!

  6. Hello Kathryn, and Welcome. Thank you so much for your delightful comment! It's really appreciated.