29 September 2011

Scheherazade's Moon #4

copyright (c) 2011, Sharon Edmunds
Scheherazade's Moon #4, Mixed Media on Vellum, 14" x 11"

Scheherazade's Moon. Night Number 750.

(Unframed, + S&H)


  1. I love the colors Sharon and have decided this is my favorite so far.
    Hope things are going better with the computer stuff,cyber space can be a bear!
    Hop over and sign up for my give-away. Hugs

  2. Hello Amy! Thank you. I'm enjoying your comment! Glad to hear it's your favorite so far. It's so much fun being able to work with all these colors. I feel like a kid with a big box of Crayolas.

    This has been a tedious week for me on-line. Everything that can mess up has. These all seem to be 'known issues'...but too many, all at once, is seriously not fun. Right now I'm still playing the 'sites don't recognize the correct password' game.

    Cheers on your 300TH post! I will drop on by...hope I can sign in!

    Big hugs and wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  3. Hi Sharon
    Now the problem with this is... now I'll want everything to be deep blue and velvet red!! hehe.. great colours .. love it.. [love the green sneaking in there also]

    Sorry to hear still have blogger issues.. I'm having a few also.. particularly comments..

    Have a great weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

  4. Hi Julie, I love your comment! Thank you. They are great colors. I seem to need to immerse myself in color right now. It may have something to do with the light getting shorter here. We're heading towards Winter and darkness and I am not going to go quietly, it appears. Wait until you see what I'm thinking of posting next.

    I am so tired of Blogger issues. Posting comments on my own blog or anywhere else has turned into a very rude game. (These are 'Known Issues' on the 'Something is Broken' Blogger Help pages. I'm waiting, along with many others, for them to FIX the 'Known Issues'. Too much to hope for? This has been happening off and on for months now. They can't say I'm using the wrong browser anymore. I've gotten quite a collection of browsers. It seems that even Google Chrome can't handle Google Blogger - maybe it's time they admit they have real problems and FIX them.

    I found a great way to really enjoy my weekend. I turned off my computer.

    Have a great week. xxx Sharon