15 September 2011

Scheherazade's Moon #3

copyright (c) 2011, Sharon Edmunds
Scheherazade's Moon #3, Mixed Media on Vellum, 14" x 11"

Scheherazade's Moon. Night Number 1.



  1. I love everything about this piece Sharon. The design and color is perfect.

  2. Thank you, Amy! I hope all is fine. Big hugs.

  3. Interesting piece Sharon--I like the pattern of the white columns and in the blue. Went to the Farnsworth in Rockland recently and looked at a book of Jamie Wyeth's drawings of Nureyev--they're amazing. I'm sure you've seen it.

  4. Hello Stephanie. Yes, the Wyeth book was published in 2002, and I have seen it. I don't share your opinion of this work.

  5. Hi Sharon, apologies have not popped over for far too long, just been going through your posts and looking at your work, I especially like Verona Rose, beautiful.

  6. Hello, Dash! No worries! Happy you stopped by and glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for your sweet comment.

    I always enjoy your posts. Your recent ones of your vacation on the Cote d'Azur are incredible. You've taken some absolutely wonderful photos. In fact, I'm heading over now to see Antibes!

  7. Hi Sharon
    Well i just realized I think all in this series have a moroccan feel to me.. or turkish... a byzantine feel.. lovely... i'm a big fan of byzantine

    Have a lovely weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

  8. Sharon Edmunds you're so talented,
    I loooooove your artworks!

    a big hello from Madrid,

  9. ¡Ha quedado original!,
    feliz fin de semana

  10. Hi Julie! Thank you - and I've realized how often you're so right! I might add some Andalusia and some Persia to your list. I adore all this and have wanted to work on a series like this forever. Finally!

    I love your new Paris post! xxx Sharon

  11. Hola Elena! Bienvenida Amiga! Thank you so much for your grand comment! What can I say? Your words touch me deeply.

    I have just found your work - your photos are very, very beautiful! Your 'bicocacolors' is delightful.

  12. Hola Ricardo! Bienvenido! Muchas Gracias por tu comentario dulce! Y un fin de semana feliz a usted tambien.