24 August 2011

Beyond This Sea

copyright (c) 2011, Sharon Edmunds
Beyond This Sea, Acrylic on Canvas, 46" x 42"

Nureyev. Kirov Dancer. Summer Break. Not Swan Lake.


  1. Sharon this is terrific,I really like the color too.
    Summer is going to fast for me,I love fall but hate the winter's!

  2. Very cool! I like the earthy tones against that cool gray. The simple shapes to this are very appealing. Great size too--very bold.

  3. Opening your post in a new window I directly recognized Nureyev, just before I saw the bottom line. Love the colors. And strong legs, you can see he´s a ballet dancer.The hole image reminds me of the fact that I didn´t see the sea this year. So, off to the sea.

  4. Amy, thank you! I'm really excited about where this series is going now and what I'm working on now, so this was really sweet to hear.

    I just do not want Summer to end. I know it will, but I really don't want it to. It has gone by way to fast for me.

  5. Stephanie, thank you! I really loved working on this. I'm excited about the paintings I'm working on now. Some are larger, which is something I've really missed. Working on them is a joy for me.

  6. Eric, I'm happy to hear that you recognized Nureyev! I really wanted to find the essence of this painting in very simplified form. I felt that it needed this, for it to have the strength I sought, as it certainly was essential - as you mentioned! I love working with a very limited palette. It opens up a world of color for me.

    Sad to hear that you haven't visited the sea this year. 'off to the sea' - indeed! I see you found it in your studio. Beautiful painting!