30 June 2011

Earth Star

copyright (c) 2011, Sharon Edmunds
Earth Star, Photo Image

For many of us in the United States, tomorrow is the unofficial start of the 4th of July/Independence Day weekend. I thought I would share a star and a stripe with friends everywhere. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hi Sharon,
    Happy 4th to you too. I can't believe how fast summer is going,didn't do this when I was younger !!

  2. Hi Amy! I know exactly what you mean. Thanks for the smile. I hope you have a great holiday weekend - with plenty of sunshine. We've waited so long for good weather this year. Enjoy it while it's here!

  3. Sharon,
    Such a nice image!
    Have a great Holiday!

  4. Hi Elena & Russ, Thank you, and wishing you a great Holiday also!

  5. Hi Sharon
    How fabulous that 'pond'? is ... must be your brilliant photography!! hehe.. a star shaped pond!!

    Sooo sorry I am so late to wish you Happy Belated 4th July... I've been trying to fight off this whooping cough.. what a pain.. it never ends.. and I'm so absent minded these days,,

    Have a lovely weekend ... full of sunshine.. it's freezing here.. windy and chilly!!! ciao xxx Julie

  6. Great image Sharon... you do have some gorgeous things posted here.
    thanks or visiting today!

  7. Hello Julie, Thank you. Straight shot - fantastic find.

    I just feel so bad for you. First the flu, now whooping cough. I so want to hear you are finally feeling much better. Best wishes.

  8. Hello Sophie. Thank you! I really love your work.