12 April 2011

The Wisdom of Jupiter's Goat

copyright (c) 2011 Sharon Edmunds
The Wisdom of Jupiter's Goat, Photo Image

Torn Between Dionysus & Apollo. One is Both. One Can Not be Both. But One Is.
Mysteries to Unravel From a Mystical Source. Who Speaks This Language? Discrete Discourse?
I have A Friend. At the Water's Edge. The Oracle. Jupiter's Goat.


  1. Jupiter's Goat?? Interesting photo--I expect the whale rock to open it's mouth and spit out Jonah on the beach! Almost feels like spring here--how about in your neck of the woods?

  2. Intriguing photo. Your text goes back to the the roots of modern thinking. What to choose...
    --Visual discourse?--

  3. Hi Stephanie, Yeah, it is most definitely Jupiter's GOAT. The whale is in my yard. Big difference. It is Spring here - albeit a gloomy one.

  4. Eric! I am smiling. Thank you for your comment. Somehow I knew you'd "get it"! YES! My work seen as a whole - which is hard to realize in a hand full of images - revolves around these issues/questions and the visual discourse - "The Voices of Silence".

  5. Hello Sharon,
    - You've captured Nature at her intriguing best - a rock that big, cleaving like that! Amazing.

    I also 'love' the Golden Slave.

    Thanks for your comment on the Report, too!

  6. Hello Roberto! Yeah, I have to say finding this rock was one of those spectacular moments. I stood in front of it and was really overcome by what I was seeing. 100% "Nature at her intriguing best"! - as you so perfectly stated. Thank you. And also thank you for your comment on the Nijinsky portrait. And thank you very much for your help.